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Ki Camera


Ki Camera


The Ki camera can track and follow the object of interest. Its 360 degrees motion and pan and tilt features, allows you to view from all angles. Its inbuilt Night vision and expandable storage capacity help to keep track of your loved ones wherever you are.You can talk to your loved ones when you are not around with its 2-way audio.

Ki Doorbell Camera


The Ki Doorbell Camera is the eyes of your house, it lets you talk to your guest when you are not home, via its two-way audio access. It comes with night vision and motion detection, to keep your home safe even at night.

Ki Fire Alarm


The Ki Fire Alarm has a reliable smoke detection function: the thermal sensor will warn before a fire outbreak, 85 dB loud warning, mute function in the case of false alarm, and notify users when the alarm occurs.
Photoelectric smoke detection and thermal sensors ensure reliability

Ki Motion Sensor


The Ki Motion sensor can work dependently without a hub, it can accurately detect movement in the room, push and start scenes. Set it to turn on your lights when you enter a roomor turn off all devices when you leave a room.