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Ki Rail curtain


The Ki Rail Curtain is a smart curtain rail that can carry up to 6kg of curtain.
Set timer to close at night and open, get better sleep, and wake naturally to sunshine.
This can help save energy by reducing the workload on air-conditioning.

Ki Socket (RGB)


The Ki Socket is a stand-alone Plug that enables smart features. Remotely control your devices on your mobile phone from anywhere and anytime.

The gentle RGB light comes with 16million colors and 8 scene modes. It can function as a night light and it adds ambiance to any workstation.

It can power off and on at specified time periods to help save energy and ease your life.

Link Blind Controller


The Link Blind Controller is a motor for your blinds.
Set Blinds automation like opening in the morning and closing at night.

With its multiple adapters, it can be used on Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, triple shade, roller shade, zebra shade.

Nagki Ambience Light


The Nagki Ambience Light is a Minimalism metal straight angle floor lamp. for lighting and home decoration. It has 16 Million colors changeable and warm light for your choice. it will bring vibrancy to any living space.

Prism Switch (Touch)


A Nagki Prism Switch (Touch) independently or as part of Nagki Smart Home Automation system or with any certified WiFi home automation system. It allows you to schedule and control lights, fan, and any other devices attached to its circuit. This module provides up to 150watts load for application without neutral wire and 600 watts for application with neutral wire.

RGB Smart Light


The RGB LED bulb fits a wide variety of light sockets.
With 16million color settings and cool and warm white.
It adds a whole new dimension to lighting in your room.